ZWOOKY is a contact offer with the guarantee of anonymity. It’s used for the first contact. Based on a code and works just as easily as conventional.

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What is ZWOOKY?

ZWOOKY is a contact service or community, and is based on the anonymity of its users. The service is based on a code, the ZWOOKY code.
The code can be used for any purpose and for any natural or legal person.
Physical users can use ZWOOKY to connect virtually without revealing their personal details such as mobile number or e-mail. Users are linked exclusively by means of the code. A code, whether licensed for a fee or generated free of charge, will not expire provided the log-in remains the same and the contract is not terminated.

How do I use ZWOOKY?

The service is mainly used for initial contact while preserving anonymity. Contact is made via ZWOOKY with a ZWOOKY message.
The code thus replaces the personal details on business cards, websites or advertisements and works just as simply as conventional contact tools.

What does ZWOOKY cost?

The ZWOOKY code can be licensed for free. Each code includes four free messages. After that, a credit can be bought for ten messages at CHF 1 each (inclusive of VAT in Switzerland, exclusive of VAT outside Switzerland).

If a user would like a personal code (instead of HB%ZZ&R or JKJ&7QK), he can license a "Shorty" (e.g. Thomas). A Shorty costs between CHF 20 and CHF 9 million
If the user licenses a Shorty, he will receive a credit for 20% of the price in the form of free messages.
Name approximations are also recognized, but cost a little less (e.g. Th0mas or R3t0).
The price depends on the number of possible combinations from the locations and characters available. For an approximate pricing, see "Pricing model". You can make an inquiry in My ZWOOKY to find out the final price for a ZWOOKY.
The high prices of Shorties in some cases are due to the fact that these are unique and are assigned only once. This exclusivity comes at a price.

What are the benefits of a VIP ZWOOKY?

Users with a Shorty automatically become VIP users. There are various benefits as a VIP user. For example, the user can specify that incoming messages must be accompanied by a profile of the sender (e.g. Google+, Facebook, or others). The user will also receive a credit for 20% of the price in the form of free messages.
Shorties can be reserved for 30 days. During this period, the code must be licensed for a fee. If the Shorty is still unpaid after the 30 days are up, it is released and is available again to other users.

What is a Business ZWOOKY?

Companies can apply for a Business ZWOOKY. A Business ZWOOKY is the same as a Shorty, but with some additional benefits.
A Business ZWOOKY always contains a # in its code. After the #, characters of the user's choice can be used, such as staff number, product code, etc. The code may be used, for example, for promotion, advertising, sale ads, product information, serial numbers, registration codes, etc. or simply to contact customers or be contacted.

Is ZWOOKY a social media platform?

No, ZWOOKY is not a social media platform and cannot replace one. ZWOOKY is used for first contact. Users can attach their social media profiles to ZWOOKY messages if they wish or if this is requested by a VIP user.
Functions such as "Community" or "Contacts" are provided in ZWOOKY. However, only individuals who are known or whose code is known can be included. However, personal data cannot be made accessible (e.g. images, videos, information where a person lives, etc.). ZWOOKY aims to protect the privacy of users at all times.

How/where can I download my personal ZWOOKY logo?

The personal ZWOOKY code can be downloaded with one click under "MY ZWOOKY". Your code displayed in red is also the download link. Different views are available. The code is saved as a png file and can thus easily be used, for example, as a watermark.

The user acknowledges that ZWOOKY and all components of its service are the intellectual property of ZWOOKY GmbH and are subject to and protected by intellectual property rights, particularly copyright, of Switzerland as well as international treaties. The "ZWOOKY™" trademark is also registered internationally and is owned by ZWOOKY GmbH.

I have no social media profile. Can I send messages anyway?

A social media profile is only required if the recipient of a message is a VIP ZWOOKY and has configured his settings to require a profile from the sender.
If the sender does not have a social media profile, his e-mail address will be sent. If the sender does not agree, he cannot send a message to the VIP ZWOOKY. Otherwise, messages can be sent without a social media profile.
If the recipient is not a VIP ZWOOKY, a message can be sent in any case, provided there is sufficient credit in the account.

In what way is ZWOOKY a community?

Every ZWOOKY helps another ZWOOKY! If a ZWOOKY finds something belonging to another ZWOOKY, he is requested to contact the other ZWOOKY. ZWOOKY is a community where everyone helps one another.
ZWOOKYs can recognize one another by the ZWOOKY worn somewhere on their person.

Will ZWOOKY be available in other languages?

ZWOOKY is currently only available in English and German. The first page can be translated into other languages using Google Translate. The T&Cs, Privacy Policy, etc. on the first page will then also be in the corresponding language.
The desktop is currently kept in English, but other languages will be added in a future version. German and Spanish are also planned, with other languages depending on the regions where our ZWOOKYs are located.

Why does a charge apply for sending messages?

Our infrastructure is expensive and we need the money to cover our costs. We do not want to introduce any advertising or spam mail on ZWOOKY that would annoy users in order to bring in money. For this reason, we must charge a small amount for the messages, as this is our only source of income. By charging for messages, we also aim to prevent the indiscriminate sending of messages or spam.
ZWOOKY is not a social media platform and is meant to be used for initial contact or to inform someone of a loss. ZWOOKY is not an everyday e-mail program. A small amount is sufficient in most cases to be able to use ZWOOKY for a lifetime.

Can I also use this font?

We have modified the font so that it will be recognized immediately as the ZWOOKY font. The font may only be used by us. We provide our users with their own code (see: How/where can I download my personal ZWOOKY logo?). The downloaded code can be used to label personal belongings and for personal use. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.
Exceptions may be made by prior arrangement with us. Please contact us for this.

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